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I believe that wellness in the workplace is the foundation to a successful business!  I have personally experienced how wellness, or rather, "unwellness" affects production and efficiency. When you and your employees are well, there is optimization within the workplace that everyone desires.


As a business owner you need employees that are running on all cylinders...even after lunch!  


“Small Business Trends” reported that 42 published studies show an average of 28-percent reduction in sick days and an average of 26-percent reduction in overall health costs with implementations of workplace wellness programs.

That’s why I have expanded my services to more than just providing reliable, cost effective, business insurance options, I take it a step further. As a business owner I firmly believe the secret to a successful employee wellness program and healthier employees is helping them learn more about their personal health and wellness!

I can assist business owners and their staff with information and coaching for preventing chronic illnesses, maintaining healthy weight, and preventing other issues like chronic fatigue, headaches and brain fog. Wellness in the workplace is associated with increased productivity, positive environment and less sick days .  Let me work with you on a program that works for you and your staff—and the overall health of your business. Please call for a free consultation to find out how I can help!

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